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hy order at the Chem Supplier?

If you want to be sure of the highest quality Research Chemicals, you should order at Chemistry Bay. All our products have been extensively tested in the laboratory and are of the highest quality. This way you can be sure that your research will succeed.

An overview of the advantages:

✓ High-quality and laboratory tested products
✓ We guarantee a 100% delivery rate
✓ Anonymous and secure payment options
✓ Unmarked, secure and discreet packaging
✓ Same day shipping for all products
✓ Amazing 24/7 online customer service
✓ Next day delivery option available
✓ More than 2000 satisfied customers

The amazing 24/7 customer service at the Chem Supplier

A famous quote from Albert Einstein is: ”The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reasons for existing”. And we understand that like no other. And we also understand that as a Research Chemicals researcher you also have many questions. That is why the chem supplier has a team of specialists 24/7 to answer all your questions. Do you have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page first. Maybe another researcher has asked the same question and published his research? If your question is not listed, you can always send us a message.

Super fast delivery at Chemistry Bay

Buy 3-CMC Crystal


At Chemistry Bay, we believe it is important that fast delivery is an essential part of a great customer experience. That’s why all our Research Chemicals are shipped the same day after we receive payment. How long it takes to receive the Research Chemicals depends on which shipping method you have selected. For example, we offer the impatient researchers the opportunity to receive for the next day. For more information about the different shipping options of The chem supplier, please refer to the page: Shipping options.


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